Beautiful Swimmers, Eirwud Mudwasser, Phil Cocks @ Control Club, Bucharest

for the third time on Club Control’s stage

C.O.O.L. Band

Sasac – Talking God

New York’s city Alliance Upholstery return with a release from Sasac – Talking God w/ remixes by Alex Israel, Eddie C, Benedek.

One last chance to reach yacht paradise, a promise of eternal sunshine, just good times, good vibes.


Mickey – Don’t Break The Shadow of My Love

Greeen Linez – Hibiscus Pacific EP

The first Balearic jam of 2014 has arrived! “Hibiscus Pacific” on Alliance Upholstery is a vision of island paradise, yacht party cocktails under the stars, and a tropical dream cruise into eternity. “Hibiscus Pacific” originally appeared on the Green Linez  debut album “Things That Fade”. Enlisted for this EP, are Moon B, Jacques Renault and Sorcerer.

The Hibiscus Pacific EP is a cinematic journey through a fantasy world of music, both familiar and unreal, and as perfectly suited to bedroom dreamers as it is to nightclub dancers. WOOP!

Dome City Orchestra – Dig it!

Psychic Mirrors – Midnight Special

Torn Hawk- Tarifa