Dome City Orchestra – Dig it!

Yo tengo salsa con mucho disco!

BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble – FunkTropolis

K-Maxx – Love is comin’

East Liberty Quarters – “206” EP preview

Tutt Band – We’re gonna have fun tonight

Psychic Mirrors – I Come For Your Love

Miami! Electro’Boogie’Funk and a 11 people band by the name of Psychic Mirrors. All lead by Mickey de Grand IV under the banner of record label Cosmic Chronic.

Norzeatic & Khidja – Caravana PM/AM

Fresh new album by Norzeatic si Khidja (Rusu & Flore). Caravana PM/AM takes you, the traveler, on a journey through synth and space. MC Norzeatic will be your guide, Rusu & Flore your drivers. Suit up, sit up, and enjoy the ride.