The Funk Journey

What’s “Funk” ?

First of all, we should be able to define what “Funky Music” is or at least, what it seems to be. Not an easy feat. There is no global definition that will make it clear to everyone when talking about “Funk” as a music style.  Besides the common aspects when analyzing Funk as music, Funk seems to be a personal thing to some extent. Some people feel Funk, others just don’t.

“Funk is that bumpy & groovy sound that hits your belly, sends out waves through the whole body, making you move your feet, nod your head and feeling alright.”

Starting here and now, Epmeo will guide you through a Funk journey that will hopefully make some people feel Funk the way we do. There’s a new category called “funk lexicon” where, periodically, funk and only funk will be posted.

Here’s “3 Pieces – Back up against the wall” a 1975 Fantasy Records production.

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