J.A.Z. – Slow & Synthy (a sermon for Epmeo)

A special sermon from a special friend. J.A.Z. is the Minister that preaches his way into your heart, slowly and synthy. A great man with a wonderful view of life, a magnificent record collection and the magic touch that drives certain gems to stardom.

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Sample this, it’s an education!


Fern Kinney – Baby, Let Me Kiss You
Donna Summer – State of Independence
JAZ – State of Hindipendence (edit)
Colourbox – Turantula (edit)
Amin Peck – My Frames
Love International – Airport of Love
Clive Stevens – Mystery Man
The Unknown Cases – Misembabele
4D – Sex Appeal
Su Kramer – Magic Dance
Cat Stevens – Was Dog a Doughnut?
Will Powers – Adventures in Success (dub)
Sue Ann – My Baby, My
Key of Dreams – Africa (dub)
Nona Hendryx – Transformation
Letta Mbulu – Nomalizo
Pink Rhythm – Melodies of Love
Mike Francis – Survivor
Byron – Too Much


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