Marcelo – Eclecticism

Francisco – Disco Wizard (Space Mix)

Brioski – Radio Anatomy (Emperor Machine Stretched Version)

Heavy dancefloor action. Packed full of everything.


Italian brothers in synth, Stefano Martina & Fabrizio Faberismi with their project/ionsĀ  Jolly Mare is what’s up!

First runner up, a track with a tach of retro gaming nostalgia. Funk & synths, yeah! They do bring some drama, though. Jimmy Ruffin on the table. You know them Italians. Italo sleazy funk slow mo disco. Kinda long description for the second track. Worth it. Please digg.

Marcello Giordani, 10th of November, Bucharest

Roy Pisanelli – Playback (Marcello Giordani 12″ Extended Mix)

Italo disco galore.

Marcello Giordani // Epmeo Guestmix

The set is no longer available on SounCloud. Head onto Mixcloud for a listen, or just download the thing from the link in the article.


Valery Allington // Stop // 12″ Electronic Mix