Marcello Giordani // Epmeo Guestmix

The set is no longer available on SounCloud. Head onto Mixcloud for a listen, or just download the thing from the link in the article.


Epmeo diggs italo, and Marcello Giordani is the man who diggs for it. A lot.

Italo Deviance all the way. Grazie Marcello!

Tracklist // Download

1- Metro Area – Intro
2- Mark Turner & Lorens Goodman – Live your life
3- Chemise – She can’t love you
4- Purple Flash – Do you like me
5- Maurice McGee – Do i do
6- Who’s Who – Hypno dance
7- Video Club – Lost time (Instrumental)
8- Marcello Giordani – Sistema Solare
9- Disco Special – Intro Disco
10- Funk Deluxe – This time
11- Gift of Dreams – Mandroid
12- The Chuck Davis Orchestra – Spirit of Sunshine (Lond Version)
13- Play by Numbers – Cloud nine (Ready mix)
14- L.I.A.M. – Don’t take it
15- JohNick E.P.
16- Randy Muller Boom Chang Bang – Devotion (Tom Moulton Unreleased mix)


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