ODATA 2011

It’s that time of the year again!

The Paranoia13 chaps, along with us fellas at Epmeo assembled a superhero team of performers to knock you off your boots. Some of the most wanted are on the list. You either a bounty hunter or an innocent by passer. It does not matter. You will all be treated equally. Saturday, 27 August, at Limanu, near the edge of Romania. Seriously prepare for some stargazing!



Stage ONE:

(27/22:00 – 28/10:00)

– Icspe (http://epmeo.ro/)
– Emap (http://epmeo.ro/)
– Fresh the Funkster (http://epmeo.ro/)
– Camil (http://soundcloud.com/camil-dumitrescu)
– Sonicvibe (http://soundcloud.com/sonicvibe)
– Liviu M. (http://soundcloud.com/liviu-m/liviu-m-not-a-promo)


Stage TWO:

(27/22:00 – 28/10:00)

– Specii (http://facebook.com/specii.oficial)
– Aforic (http://facemrecords.ro/blog/artisti/aforic)
– Ursacian (http://facebook.com/ursacian)
– Samurai & Junk (http://facebook.com/samurai7junk)
– Flou Rege vs. D Al*Bu (http://facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002072632034 http://facebook.com/albudeejay)
– Limun (http://soundcloud.com/djlimun)
– Grigo (http://facemrecords.ro/blog/artisti/grigo/)
– Technology (http://facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000645254922)


Saturday 27 AUG/12:00

Constanta (The Roots – Str Bucuresti nr 23)

balta Limanu (ODATA 2011)

Ticket price: 15 Ron

Sunday 28 AUG/15:00

balta Limanu (ODATA 2011)

Constanta (The Roots – Str Bucuresti nr 23)

Ticket price: 15 Ron

*Roundway ticket price (27/28 AUG)  20 Ron.
*Reservations @ The Roots – 0341.431.832


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