Phil Cocks @ Sunday Scoop 19.08.2018


Fresh the Funkster – My radio

a Dalston Superstar

Bread & Butter – Refrene Uitate, Vol.3

La multi ani, frati si surori! Tracklist / Download

Rock DJ – Editat pentru Epmeo


Gino Grasso – A juice of Garage Classics

“The difference between me and my brother, is that Federico always searches for the most obscure and rare records. I, myself, look for the ones that melt my heart…always thinking about the sound of the record on the dancefloor. Rare or common, it does not matter. And that, I think, is the secret of having a really beautiful collection. And, of course, you need to study, check out the producers, the musicians and the record labels.”

Read more about Gino/Download the mix

Disco Tech – Sugar & Honey

Listen on Mixcloud.

J.A.Z. – Slow & Synthy (a sermon for Epmeo)

A special sermon from a special friend. J.A.Z. is the Minister that preaches his way into your heart, slowly and synthy. A great man with a wonderful view of life, a magnificent record collection and the magic touch that drives certain gems to stardom.

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Sample this, it’s an education!


Fern Kinney – Baby, Let Me Kiss You
Donna Summer – State of Independence
JAZ – State of Hindipendence (edit)
Colourbox – Turantula (edit)
Amin Peck – My Frames
Love International – Airport of Love
Clive Stevens – Mystery Man
The Unknown Cases – Misembabele
4D – Sex Appeal
Su Kramer – Magic Dance
Cat Stevens – Was Dog a Doughnut?
Will Powers – Adventures in Success (dub)
Sue Ann – My Baby, My
Key of Dreams – Africa (dub)
Nona Hendryx – Transformation
Letta Mbulu – Nomalizo
Pink Rhythm – Melodies of Love
Mike Francis – Survivor
Byron – Too Much